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In the middle of the snowy mountains of the Andes, the peaceful Futaleufú Village is located south of Santiago, capital of Chile, and very close to the border with Argentina. The village lives essentially from tourism and offers basic infrastructure services, such as hotels, hostals, bars, restaurants, pharmacie and  hospital.


Through Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires, there is a flight of approximately 2h30 to the city of Esquel, on the border of Argentina with Chile. From there, it takes another 2 hours by car to cross the border and reach the farms.


Through Bariloche

From Bariloche, the journey is by land; it takes around seven hours to arrive by car through a route with a beautiful view of the Andes.


Through Santiago

From Santiago, there is a flight of approximately 2h30 to Puerto Montt. From there, the road to PATA Lodge is spectacular, crossing fjords, lakes and national parks, such as the famous Pumalín Park.

By car, from Puerto Montt, the journey takes approximately 12 hours. Another option is to take a 35 minute flight from Puerto Montt to Chaiten and from there, 3 more hours by car to Futaleufú.

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