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Rivers? Yes, we have them. Mountains? We are surrounded by glorious mountain ranges. Lakes? We do have green and deep blue lakes. You choose. Futaleufú is a true paradise for outdoor lovers. You can spend weeks hiking, rafting, swimming or fly fishing. Check out below just a few of our region attractions:

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Come join us on one of the best rivers in the world for whitewater rafting! Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of mountains, forests and hanging glaciers, the turquoise waters of the “FUTA” will make you fall in
love with this beautiful corner of Patagonia.

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The  flat moving water from the Espolón River is ideal for first-timers or families that want to enjoy a memorably pleasant experience without having any challenging rapids. Especially designed for families and children.


Personalized classes are offered for those interested in learning this extreme sport, including theory, paddling techniques and how to roll in a kayak.

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This activity allows visitors to contemplate the awesome landscapes from the crystalline waters of Lonconao Lake, observing white sand beaches and harbors.

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Get a taste of one of the most amazing fishing spots of chilean Patagonia with its clean waters and abundance. Among others you can find Rainbow and Brown trout while you enjoy a relaxing view over the wilderness of the region.



If you are looking for an adventure suitable for the entire family, a zipline adventure can’t be beat. Called “canopy” in Chile, the zipline is set up between and over the tops of trees in six different sections through a cypress and coihue forest. It is an exciting way to explore the flora and fauna of Futaleufú.

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The fauna and flora of this region of Patagonia are exuberant and trekking is one of the best ways to enjoy them up close. Futaleufú has several routes, guaranteeing unforgettable moments of immersion in protected nature.

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Through local guides, you'll have an unforgettable  adventure through the most beautiful landscapes in the south of Chile. It’s also an opportunity to learn a little about the history and culture of Patagonia.

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On the Futaleufú River farm, we produce the honey we consume. In this activity, children are invited to visit the apiary to understand a little about the life cycle of bees, pollination, management and the enormous importance of these insects for our planet. The teacher is our beekeeper, with many years of experience.



This adrenaline-fueled experience attracts nature lovers, since it mainly consists of descending canyons and narrow rivers with little flow and a steep slope in which you must advance through obstacles with different techniques only with the help of your body, clothes and climbing equipment.

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