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360º FUN

The Futaleufú River is one of the premier whitewater rivers in the world for kayaking and rafting.The river flows in from Argentina, through the town, and empties into the fjord-shaped Yelcho Lake. Day trips are available on "the Futa" while several of its tributaries, such as the Espolón River and the Azul (Blue) River, can be rafted, canoed, or navigated.

Two lakes, Lake Lonconao and Lake Espolón, offer opportunities for paddling and SUP.

Other nearby attractions include the Futaleufú National Reserve, known for its population of Huemul(South Andean deer. Canyoning and rappelling is also possible in region valleys, with its numerous ravines and waterfalls as well as horse riding, fly fishing and mountain biking.

Divided into different levels, these activities are led by qualified and experienced guides and are are based on availability, climatic conditions and confirmation from our local suppliers.

Apart from the mainstream activities, there are many other options inside Pata farms like Yoga classes, outdoor cinema, harvest, beekeeping, sheep breeding, and many more.


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