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PATA El Azul


PATA Rio Futaleufú, PATA El Azul and PATA Las Monjas - were designed respecting, above all, the place we are part of. For us, the valleys of El Azul and Las Escalas are sacred sanctuaries and must be preserved at all costs.

PATA futaleufú aerial

PATA Rio Futaleufu

Our first farm is located in the Las Escalas Valley, located 15 minutes from the city.

Property Description

Farm size: 102 hectares

Number of lots: 17

Plot size: 1 hectare (10,000 square meters)

Main features: 2.5 km from the Futaleufú river, coihue forest, greenhouse, honey production, vegetable garden.

PATA El Azul

The farm is surrounded by the El Azul River and Los Pintores Creek (also known as Arroyo Zapata).

Property Description

Property size: 440 hectares

Number of lots: 19 + 6 lots (alpine zone) Plot size: 1 hectare (10,000 square meters)

Main features: 1.5 km from the El Azul river, waterfall, alpine area, views of the Las Tres Monjas mountain range, 1 km from the Arroyo Zapata river, organic garden.

PATA El Azul
PATA Las Monjas

PATA Las Monjas

Located in the wonderful valley of El Azul. The southern boundary of this farm is the El Azul River with its crystalline waters. 

Property Description:

Property size: 202 hectares

Number of lots: 16

Lot size: from 3 to 6 hectares (30,000 to 60,000 square meters)

Main features: native forest, riverside property of the El Azul river, waterfall, view of the Tres Monjas mountain range.

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