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We love this text from HAUSTE Magazine, from Norway:

The Village didn’t just appear out of thin air. You see, that is not the way it works. Longing, longing for the Village, for these ancient new ways of being human, together, ways that only our hearts know is possible… it takes time…


Where does a village begin?

Is it a patch of land? Some houses, an investment plan?

What if something actually is missing? And what if that something is not a house?


The Humans of my Village, the young ones, the children, our elders, they do not live together. Many of us have yet to meet. Others don’t even know that the Village exists.


The Village exists.


And when you suddenly find yourself waking up in it one morning, and you drink your coffee in it, and you stretch your body and roots and your threads and you feel that you are ready for a new day in a wider context, then the question to ask is not how you got there.


The question is what you would do if you were already there. Now do that.


The Village exists. Patiently waiting for us.

Asmund Seip


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