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Imagine having a home or staying in the middle of the Andes, in the Chilean Patagonia, on a farm with organic plantations, meltwater and native forests.

A place where you have all the comfort you need and are surrounded by one of the most impressive landscapes in the world.

Get to know the PATA Farms – PATA Futaleufú River, PATA Azul River and PATA Las Monjas.

The Chilean Northern Patagonia was the place chosen to develop our projects: smart villages, lodgings and sustainable agriculture in places of vast natural beauty, where everything has been designed to be aesthetic, organic, sustainable and integrated into the landscape.

Our main goal in Patagonia is to create sustainable ways of living. It is an economic model based on principles that regenerate the land not exploiting it.

The world population is growing. The fast urbanization of societies resulted in deforestation, air pollution, contamination of rivers and streams and soil erosion due to bad agricultural practices.


Global climate is changing and we must act! We must create new perspectives as well as new ways of living and workingwe must be caretakers of the Earth.


Thus, we take advantage of technology to promote an efficient way of living.


Currently, we generate our own power, treat our water, manage our waste and try to develop the area by intersecting four main activities: real estate, sustainable tourism, sustainable agriculture and conservation.

It is not just a dream. Living in Patagonia is possible.


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