PATA has an intimate relationship with Patagonian water.
Our farms are on the banks of the beautiful Futaleufú and Azul Rivers. Now, on Lonconao lake, located 
20 minutes away from Futaleufú, 
we are inaugurating a new project 
for families and groups that wish 
to experience moments of isolation 
in one of the most beautiful 
places in Northern Patagonia.


The house on Lonconao lake is on a property with 40,000 m2(9.9 acres). It has beaches and direct access to the lake. The house offers six suites, an open kitchen and dining area as well as a living room with large terraces that provide spectacular panoramas of the lake and the Andes Mountains. It is a comfortable rustic house, perfect for groups of up to 14 people.

Several activities are available close to the house: paddling, swimming in the lake, fly fishing, hiking and horseback riding. We can also arrange rafting expeditions on the Futaleufú and Azul Rivers, depending on the time of year.