The meeting of two giants: the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The Chilean Patagonia is the result of the colossal clash of these two forces of nature.
Look at the map. See the endless shapes of nature, the archipelagos dotted with islands and bays as well as the deep fjords that cut the continental shoreline.
The last glacial period spiked glaciers that descend like frozen rivers from the Andes. The temperate forest plunges into the blue sea where whales, dolphins, penguins and sea lions fill this remote immensity of South America with life.


We have opened a new discovery front: PATA in the fjords.
  Our 46-foot sailing boat, the PATA Rebel is prepared to take small groups to explore the Chilean Patagonia fjords. Docked at the Puyuhuapi Marina, it is the only sailboat among many National Parks. Our tours cover the following national parks: Isla Magdalena, Melimoyu, Queulat and Laguna San Rafael. With each expedition, we discover new bays and uncharted magical places.

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